The four-year curriculum

At Vittoria, we have launched a high school programme that can be completed in four years.
While upholding the same learning objectives of the traditional five-year Italian curriculum, we have shortened the duration of the pathway by one year. The amount of lesson time per week has increased as well as the number of days per school year.

Unique aspects of the four-year curriculum

  • A curriculum with a stronger international component: three foreign languages are taught  so students cultivate their skills within international contexts from the very beginning;

  • A skill-based teaching approach: the priorities of the teaching-learning process are shifted from notions to skills;

  • An appreciation for uniqueness: our new educational design promotes the cultural and individual diversity of our students. We integrate cultural aspects with academic subjects to support students in acquiring new skills while expanding their sense of cross-culturalism and what it means to be a good citizen;

  • A shortened educational pathway: the amount of lesson time per week and the number of days throughout the school year have increased to reduce the programme from five to four years;

  • An emphasis on practical skills through internships, workshops and work experiences.

piano didattico

The programme

The programme consists of an initial two-year period, with a focus on learning and providing guidance for the student. The following two-year period asks greater specialisation from the students who will choose among three specific options: modern languages, law and economics or arts and literature.

Students attend all together the common subjects, while they split in smaller groups for the specialised ones.
Learning in a smaller group allows students to specialise in their specific option, improve their knowledge and, if needed, to switch from one option to another.


The School calendar

To ensure that the total hours of the five-year traditional curriculum can be reached in the four-year programme, the school calendar begins on the first Monday in September and ends in mid-June.

The additional hours will also change the weekly schedule, requiring some afternoon sessions:

Year 1: 3 days a week with 6 periods each (morning lessons), 1 day with 7 periods and 1 day with 8 periods (afternoon sessions) – 33 periods in total;

Year 2: 3 days a week with 6 periods each (morning lessons), 2 days with 8 periods each (afternoon sessions) – 34 periods in total;

Year 3 and 4: 2 days a week with 6 periods each (morning lessons) and 3 days a week with 8 periods each (afternoon sessions) – 36 periods in total.

aula professori
laboratorio linguistico

Internationalism and Certifications

In the new four-year curriculum, achieving language certifications becomes an integral part of the curriculum.
In addition, at the end of the first two years, students are able to earn the
IGCSEs (International General Certificate of Secondary Education) in some subjects, including English as a second language, Maths and Science.

School Schedule

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