Why choose us

An international school in the heart of Turin

Choosing Vittoria Schools Torino means:

Curriculum Internazionale

An International Curriculum

Vittoria Schools Torino prepares students for bilingualism from an early age.

Bilingualism not only leads to favourable opportunities in an increasingly globalised world like ours but also is in itself an important tool for children’s cognitive development. According to numerous studies, bilingual people show greater brain development and better memory.
They demonstrate effectiveness in evaluating situations and they are quicker to make decisions.

At Vittoria Schools Torino, we do our best to ensure that this goal is achieved naturally and spontaneously.


Cultural code as an added value

The language we speak and in which we think not only affects the cognitive development of the students but, combined with their cultural code and unique personalities, also helps them to become one-of-a-kind individuals.

At Vittoria Schools Torino, we promote diversity by following our bespoke teaching model that aims to celebrate the unique characteristics of each student.

We combine this philosophy with a balance of national and international stimuli, helping our students shine in any context.

codice culturale

A continuous educational pathway feeling like at home

We do our best to ensure that Vittoria Schools Torino is like a second home for our students.

We offer spacious and comfortable areas where our students can study and get together outside school hours.
We promote human interaction and offer our students a
welcoming environment, but above all, continuity in their studies from childhood to young adulthood.

In addition, since we integrate the national programmes of the Italian Ministry of Education with international ones, students can easily switch to traditional Italian schools at any time.

International programmes and qualifications

We have created our high-quality courses following "Cambridge International Assessment" and "International Baccalaureate Organisation" programmes that are designed for English native speakers and not simply translated from Italian.

In addition to traditional Italian diplomas, students can obtain prestigious international qualifications and language certifications, which are recognised and valued worldwide.



We are not an iPad school

We firmly believe that technology should support traditional activities without replacing them.

Hands-on activities remain one of the cornerstones of education for us and we consider them a fundamental part of your children’s learning journey.

One of our goals is to strengthen the scientific skills with a “learning by doing” approach through practical and laboratory activities. 


Experienced and qualified teachers

The selection process for our teachers is careful and thorough.

We employ highly-qualified, Italian, and mother-tongue teachers. They are all capable of bringing tangible and practical skills to the classroom.

Our teachers employ an array of teaching techniques, such as traditional lectures, interactive activities, co-teaching and peer education projects.
They also create flipped classroom experiences and make use of various languages in addition to audiovisual and multimedia aids.