Vittoria Italian Curriculum High School

Vittoria Schools Torino has been offering a nationally accredited Italian Curriculum High School for nearly 50 years in the heart of Turin.

The educational pathway includes two alternative options, the five-year traditional curriculum or the four-year experimental one.

The programme

Vittoria Italian Curriculum High School offers a choice between two educational pathways: a traditional five-year or an experimental four-year curriculum. 

Students can choose among three options: Modern Languages, Law and Economics and Arts and Literature. Each option allows students to deepen their specific interests and enhance their personal aptitude.

  • Modern Languages

    An impressive commitment to three foreign languages throughout the whole pathway is the core feature of this option, with a strong focus on the civilisation and culture of different countries. This contributes to engenders a true sense of European integration and promotes upward mobility in academics and work in an international setting.

  • Law and Economics

    The focus on law and economics trains students to become knowledgeable citizens and opens the school to the outside world. The course supports students along their path to pursue a university degree in the field of law or business/economics.

  • Arts and Literature

    This approach to humanities focuses on the awareness of the past while also looking toward the future. Studentes will cultivate their ability to use different visual languages and styles, ultimately gaining access to higher studies in architecture, environmental protection, cultural heritage and communication.


The final qualification

Our High School final diploma is legally recognised by the Italian Ministry of Education (MIUR).


Language certifications

Our high school students can earn Language certifications that enrich their curriculum and can use them as university credits for subsequent studies.
These include
PET, First Certificate in English and Certificate in Advanced English, DELE B1/B2 and DELF B1/B2.

School Schedule

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The four-year experimental curriculum

Vittoria High School has the honour of being chosen by the Italian Ministry of Education as one of 200 institutions participating in an innovative scheme in education, thanks to which our students will be able to complete high school in one year less than traditional educational Italian pathways. The experimental project started in the school year 2018/19 and was confirmed for a new cycle starting in September 2022 and is scheduled to continue in the following years.

This new curriculum simply entails reducing the duration of a student’s educational career to 12 years, while in Italy it usually lasts 13. This allows our students to access university at the same time as their international peers. For this reason and by relying on its extensive experience in international education, Vittoria High School has readily implemented the experimental curriculum.
We are now one of the five Piedmont institutions authorised to offer the four-year option.

The total duration of the programme has been shortened by extending the school year, which starts in the very first days of September and finish at the end of June. The weekly scheduled hours have been slightly increased, with one or two afternoon sessions added.

School Schedule

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Why choose our Italian Curriculum High School

The new four-year curriculum

As the Italian school system begins to be comparable with international systems, MIUR has authorised some novel approaches to instituting four-year high schools. The course offered at Vittoria is nationally accredited and offers provisions for language and international certifications. Our innovative solution represents a blend of the traditional five-year high school experience and the international Upper Secondary School course of study.


A degree that goes beyond borders

Our interdisciplinary course of study equips students with a wealth of valuable language skills. The resulting benefit means that they are prepared to enter any university department in Italy or abroad.

International diplomas and certifications

Language certifications enrich the curriculum for all our students and count as university credit for subsequent studies. Specifically, our school aims for all its students to achieve the minimum B2 level of language proficiency for each language in the curriculum.

Daily communication between school and families

We invite families to become involved in their children’s studies and create a balanced school life. The school website has an area dedicated to updating family members on students’ activities and achievements. In addition, the school makes sure to provide timely information on everything related to notices and deadlines via e-mail.


Study trips and work experience abroad

Our school encourages and supports learning abroad and welcomes students from other countries. Experiences with schools outside Italy are organised both during the school year and when school is not in session.

High-quality teaching staff

The teachers at our school are well-qualified and motivated, and they work to ensure continuity in the studies your children undertake. Our priority is to create a comfortable and friendly environment for students that is conducive to learning.

A variety of teaching techniques

Our teachers employ an array of teaching techniques, such as traditional lectures, interactive activities, co-teaching and peer education projects. They also create flipped classroom experiences and make use of various languages in addition to audiovisual and multimedia aids.

Promotion of excellence

We believe in helping students reach higher levels of excellence. For those students with a special talent or ability, we offer opportunities to participate in extracurricular activities, competitions, and national and international projects, including customised learning strategies.