Scuola dell'Infanzia

Vittoria Junior Nursery School

A bilingual and nationally accredited Nursery School in the heart of Turin.

Our Vittoria Junior Nursery School places children as young as infants in a friendly international environment where they feel happy and comfortable.

The programme

Our Nursery School is a natural introduction to our bilingual approach that defines the entire educational pathway offered by Vittoria Schools Torino.
Young children soak up language more easily than adolescents and are able to spontaneously acquire the correct phonetic skills of several languages at once. This is why our programme is delivered seamlessly
in both Italian and English, and we alternate the language of communication from one school activity to the next. Social and educational settings complement our pedagogical approach, which helps children develop a greater individual capacity for critical reasoning as they learn to think and communicate in two languages from an early age.

Programma bilingue

Our educational approach

Our nursery educational pathway sets important educational, formative and experience-based goals.
Every moment children spend in our school helps them achieve specific objectives. Step by step, each child develops the following:

  • expressive and emotional abilities using their bodies and gestures;

  • communication skills through spoken and written language;

  • a sense of themselves and others so they can cultivate interpersonal skills and an idea of friendship;

  • exploration, observation and adaptation to new situations and through exchanges with others.

Following steps

To facilitate the transition from Nursery to Primary School, we have set up an educational pathway that aims to build continuity between the two cycles, taking into account the pupils’ different languages of communication and various skills.
Teachers and students of both schools collaborate in activities to create a smooth introduction to the new environment. 

We specifically offer a Preschool programme for 5-year-olds. This programme consists of pre-writing, pre-reading and pre-mathematical activities, in preparation for starting the Cambridge Primary pathway.

Il percorso continua

School Schedule

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Why choose Vittoria Junior Nursery School

English language teaching from age 3 and up.

We split children into three class groups so we can teach English according to their age group. We follow an appropriate progression, aware of the time and skills each individual student requires. There are also plenty of opportunities for sharing between classes. This is useful for fostering learning through cooperation while children develop a sense of responsibility.


Development of global citizenship

We support the development of children’s identity and independence by teaching them about global citizenship and by introducing relevant topics into our activities, such as the environment, peace, feelings, and professions. We spark our students’ curiosity and encourage them to express and discuss their points of view.

Multisensory approach

We use a multisensory approach and engage children in fun and simple activities, using the Jolly Learning method (Jolly Phonics, Jolly Grammar and Jolly Music). These techniques and materials have been successfully tested in several schools in the UK.

Games and fun activities

We ask children to use both Italian and English when they play games and have their lunchtime and breaks, so they are thinking and communicating in two languages from the very beginning.

Artistic and creative workshops and activities

We teach content to our pupils in a variety of ways: games, nursery rhymes, readings and dramatisation of fairy tales, painting, drawing and observing nature. Children also use language while learning fine motor skills, listening to rhythms and songs and reproducing them

Psychomotor activities

Throughout the week, we dedicate time to teaching motor skills, in the gym or on the playground, in both English and in Italian, to foster healthy physical and psychological development.

Recreational and educational trips

We organise frequent recreational and educational trips so that children can learn about the area and the city where they live. At the end of the school year, we host an overnight adventure-stay in the woods.

Preschool educational pathway

In the last year of nursery, students take part in a preschool programme, with pre-writing, pre-reading and pre-math activities in English and Italian, in preparation for the start of the Cambridge Primary pathway. Through this programme, we support children in the challenging transition to primary school as they continue along the educational pathway.