Educational Pathway

Vittoria Schools Torino is divided into Vittoria Junior (Nursery, Primary, and Middle school) and Vittoria High Schools (Italian national curriculum or International Upper Secondary School). 

The curriculum is  comprehensive and revolves around the ideas of multilingualism and an international outlook on the world, guiding students from their first days of school through to their graduation.


Nursery School

Nursery School offers a pedagogical plan that gradually and naturally introduces the bilingual approach used in the later Primary and Middle school cycles.

It progressively brings children closer to the foreign language, supports their growth and helps develop their identity and independence.




Primary School

Our nationally accredited bilingual Primary School places the Italian official programme and the Cambridge International Education curriculum side by side and teaches English and Italian in a blended model.

Specifically, we use the Italian language in the subjects of Humanities, Arts and Citizenship, while STEM subjects (Science, Technology and Maths) are taught in English, following the Cambridge International syllabus.

Lower Secondary / Middle School 

Our nationally accredited bilingual Middle School curriculum alternates between the MIUR (Italian Ministry of Education) curriculum for Humanities and Arts and the Cambridge Lower Secondary curriculum for sciences (Mathematics, Science and ICT).

The final diploma, Lower Secondary, ensures a high level of English language proficiency (exit level B1/B2) and complements the Italian Middle School Diploma, and enables students to pursue higher education in both international schools and traditional Italian high schools.


Vittoria Italian Curriculum High School

The educational pathway our nationally accredited Italian Curriculum High School features a unique teaching approach that allows students to delve into certain disciplines through three courses of study: Modern Languages, Law and Economics, and Arts and Literature.
Students can choose between 
two programmes, a traditional five-year curriculum or a four-year trial curriculum (more in line with European standards, where students enter university or the world of work earlier).
Special emphasis is placed on English language teaching, which is intensified both in terms of time commitment and methodology for the first three years of high school as well as in preparation for the transition to the
International Baccalaureate as an alternative to the last two years of Italian high school.

Upper Secondary International School

Our Upper Secondary International School consists of a four-year curriculum divided into two successive 2-year periods. At the culmination of their studies, students are awarded the ICE (Cambridge International Certificate of Education) and the IBDP (International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme).

All subjects are taught in English by qualified native or bilingual teachers.
Only Italian literature classes are taught in Italian – a conscious choice that reaffirms the deep-rooted Italian cultural identity of Vittoria Schools Torino.