Our values

Our international school

We have over 40 years of experience in education at Vittoria Schools Torino. Research and experimenting with new ways of teaching and learning have always featured prominently in our history and continue to inform our educational programmes. By blending traditional school models with an innovative and international approach, we have created a curriculum that follows our students from early childhood to high school graduation.

We aim to support the development of each individual student, drawing on their talents and cultural roots. They will be fully prepared and will demonstrate a true appreciation of their heritage to face an increasingly globalised society. In this way, we are confident our students will play an active role in constructing their own bright futures.

Our values


We aim for our schools to feel like “home” in the hearts of our students – a place they will often return to and where they will reach important milestones in their development.


We invest all our energy in the needs of each individual student. Feeling acknowledged helps children recognise their own shortcomings and areas for improvement and encourages them to take the lead in their own educational achievements.


Student enthusiasm is the metric we use every day to assess how we are performing. Working hard is easier and more enjoyable in a happy and welcoming environment.


Feeling good at school means feeling heard and welcome. We set aside appropriate spaces for listening to and speaking with each of our students and their families. As we carefully assess individual learning styles, we also look after the wellbeing of the entire school community.


We believe that being a citizen of the world means being able to have an open mind and engage with other cultures without prejudice. An appreciation for the Italian language and the extraordinary cultural heritage of Italy is at the core of our international approach.
We take advantage of the constant parallels that languages can convey between different cultural systems, encouraging our students to be curious and show interest in dialogue and debate.



The achievements of our students are a reflection of the skills of our faculty. This is why we pay close attention to the selection and continuing professional development of our teachers.


We implement a teaching approach that combines theoretical learning with a plethora of hands-on experiences to arouse curiosity in our students and instil a joy of lifelong learning.


The innovative choice behind our educational plan involves combining languages and subjects in a gradual way that is balanced and interconnected. This means our educational pathway is inclusive and customisable while being open to both native Italian speakers and foreign students alike.