Vittoria Junior Primary School

Our state-recognized bilingual elementary school follows the Cambridge Primary curriculum and is located in the heart of Turin

Vittoria Junior Torino offers a certified bilingual approach that provides students with a solid foundation and a global worldview.

The programme

Our Primary School curriculum is designed to combine the best of two educational systems, the Italian official programme and the Cambridge International Primary curriculum.
The innovative choice behind our educational project involves combining languages and subjects in a balanced and interconnected way through curricula divided into:

  • Italian language and Humanities (History, Geography, Arts and Citizenship) are taught in Italian, following the Italian Ministry of Education (MIUR) programmes;

  • English and STEM subjects (Science, Maths, Technology) are taught in English, following the Cambridge Primary International Education programmes.

approccio didattico

What is Cambridge Primary?

Cambridge Primary is an English-language school programme, certified by the University of Cambridge for children aged 5 to 10. Our curriculum, which works alongside the Italian official programme, aims to develop the fundamental skills of analysis, evaluation, collaboration and communication in pupils. One of the key characteristics of this curriculum is its great capacity to adapt to each individual student and their personal learning rhythms, preparing them to thrive in future international settings. 

Another feature of the Cambridge system is its assessment procedures, which has two levels: the first is in itinere (Cambridge Primary Progression Tests, conducted annually) while the second takes place at the end of the school cycle (Cambridge Primary Checkpoint).
Both assess and certify the level of skills acquired in the disciplines that make up the curriculum. The students progressively prepare for the structured final exams and get used to dealing with formal and specific assessments measuring their abilities, including through comparison with their international peers.


Following steps

To ease the transition to Middle School we offer, starting in grade four, various educational projects and extracurricular activities involving children and teachers from both levels.
These workshops, with mainly practical and experiential content, are held and applied mainly through Global Perspectives, a subject that serves as a bridge between the Primary and the subsequent Lower Secondary cycle.

Extra-curricular activities

A wide range of extracurricular activities for children up to age 10 in the afternoons (from 4:30 to 6 p.m.) completes the educational offerings.
Through these activities, the school also acts as a space where students can spend their free time, participating in sports and fun activities or advanced and/or tutoring courses.

Extracurricular activities are divided into the following subjects:

  • Drama & Improvisation (in English)
  • Funky dance, street dance & hip hop
  • Volleyball
  • Basketball / Mini-basketball
  • Slackline
  • Swimming
attività extra

School Schedule

FULL TIME - 40 hours per week.
40 periods + 13 morning/lunch breaks.

The school is open from Monday to Friday; upon request, families can leave their children at school from 7:30 a.m.
Lesson start at 8:30 a.m. and finish at 16:30.
A wide range of extracurricular activities for Primary pupils in the afternoons (from 4:30 to 6 p.m.) completes the schedule.

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Why choose our Primary School

Italian language and cultural identity

We implement the MIUR curriculum in a thorough and comprehensive way, inviting students to develop a solid awareness of Italy’s heritage and incredibly rich cultural and artistic legacy.

English language and internationalism

With the Cambridge Primary curriculum, students actively absorb English language. While studying other subjects (maths, science and computer science) in English, they learn to use this foreign language in specific contexts and apply it to real-life situations. As a result, they learn communicative structures naturally and spontaneously.

A deeper understanding of STEM subjects

STEM includes science, mathematics and technology. We teach these subjects in English – the global language of research – from the outset. We do not simply translate content from Italian into English but rather incorporate the Cambridge University Curriculum into our programme and use its characteristic experience-based approach.

Full-time study

Studying full time is a central element in our educational plan. This allows us to deliver content knowledge over an extended period of time while also granting space for playing and experimenting. The additional time dedicated to subject content enables us to create authentic learning situations for the pupils. The children become better skilled in processing emotions and opinions in a more spontaneous way and learn to communicate them to others, alternating naturally between their mother tongue and a foreign language.

An early approach to information and communications technology (ICT)

This module is offered in the bridge between primary and secondary school. We have designed it to create a conscious relationship between children and technology and to familiarise so-called “digital natives” with devices and applications useful for study and work.

We are not an “iPad School”

We firmly believe that technology should support traditional activities without replacing them. Hands-on activities and traditional textbooks still remain a cornerstone of education for us. They are the main tools of classroom study and activities and are only supplemented by various multimedia to act as appropriate supports.

A team of qualified teachers

The teaching staff is composed of qualified Italian teachers, supported by native or bilingual teachers who hold a university degree and have been accredited and certified by Cambridge International Education through a specific training programme. The teaching staff is also made up of tutors and assistants, who are young aspiring teachers-in-training. They assist in teaching activities and collaborate in classrooms to carry out remedial/support activities and contribute to advancing the achievements of our children.

The Global Perspectives Programme

This is a teaching module in keeping with the subsequent stage of middle school. It develops the skills needed for research, analysis, collaboration and critical thinking and is offered to complement the class subjects in the Cambridge Primary curriculum. As children gain competency in various subject areas, they are encouraged to explore connections between their skills. They then are able to address real-life issues, such as respect for the environment, the importance of peace, and the relationship between wealth and poverty in the world.

Active dialogue with parents

We strive to involve parents in various projects and activities. We also create opportunities for parents and teachers to meet, in the belief that the school’s educational plan should always be participatory and shared within the family.

Educational visits and trips

Throughout the year, we provide our students with the opportunity to enjoy educational trips, taking full advantage of the school’s central location and proximity to the city’s museums and attractions. At the end of the academic year, students – especially fifth graders – are offered travel experiences in Italy or abroad. These can last several days, and may include a short hiking trip through the hills of Torino and camping out with an overnight stay in a tent.