Vittoria Junior Services

To complete our educational offer, Vittoria Junior provide a series of services that complement your children's school life.

Assistenza, sicurezza, vigilanza

Support, Safety, Supervision

We closely follow our pupils in all the educational and recreational activities, in order to ensure safety all the time. 

In particular, four “nannies”, assigned to the different grades, are on duty at Vittoria Junior, supporting teachers in classroom management and ensuring that children are also supervised outside the classroom, during breaks, in the canteen and while using the restroom.

The school has an infirmary equipped with a defibrillator. Among the staff on duty, there is always at least one first-aid officer, who is fully trained in accordance with the law and is present at all times.

Before school programme

Vittoria Junior Torino offers a before school programme service from 7:30 to 8:30 a.m. for Nursery, Primary and Middle School students. The service is included in the school fees.


Study Support

For students of the first two years of Middle School , Vittoria Junior offers afternoon study groups on days without afternoon class sessions. Here, teachers and/or qualified tutors, help children prepare their individual work and do their homework.
The afternoon is also a time when teachers offer support classes in curricular subjects to assist children in catch-up or revision activities.

After-school Programme

For young Nursery and Primary School pupils, Vittoria Junior offers a rich schedule of activities and introduction to sports from Monday to Friday, after school lessons from 4.30 pm to 6.00 pm. 

We do our best to support families in organising their children’s leisure time. We want to give children the chance to enjoy a host of possibilities by getting involved in physical activities that not only refine their motor skills but are also fun and engaging.

After-school sports are offered from October to May. The weekly programme includes baby yoga, motor skills, psychomotor skills and baby judo for the "Kids" group (aged 3-5). For the "Junior" group (aged 6-11), available activities are acrobatic gymnastics, hip-hop, swimming, capoeira, judo and team sports.


Italiano L2 per stranieri

Italian L2 for foreigners

At Vittoria Junior, we want foreign students and their families to feel welcomed.

We understand that learning the language makes integration into a new environment much easier, so we offer qualified Italian language support for our newcomers.


Vittoria Junior offers a dedicated canteen service for Nursery, Primary and Middle School, which is run by Elior, a leading catering company.
Food preparation undergoes rigorous inspection in compliance with local regulations. We also want our children to enjoy a nutritious diet; the menu is carefully balanced, featuring seasonal and natural ingredients from controlled supply chains. Special menu options are provided in case of any intolerances, allergies, or ethical or religious food choices.
Meals include a morning snack for all children. For students participating in after-school activities, a mid-afternoon snack is also provided.
Always striving to involve our parents, we involve them in periodic service quality checks. At various times throughout the year, we invite a few parent volunteers to lunch so that they can taste the different menus and evaluate the quality of the ingredients and service in person.


divisa Vittoria

School Uniform

Vittoria Junior students are required to wear the school uniform, which consists of comfortable yet formal clothing for all pupils. The choice of a uniform holds an important lesson: each student shines because of their abilities, not because of the clothes they wear. Uniforms also help your children develop a sense of belonging and identity, which are some of the core values of our educational model.


Junior Summer Camp

When the school year ends, we still like to help out our families.
Perhaps your children might enjoy a few weeks of summer camp at Vittoria Junior that we run in collaboration with the Esperia Rowing Club of Torino. These fun-filled days of sports, activities and workshops will keep your young ones entertained in a healthy and protected environment, always with the support of teachers and staff.
Pupils will certainly be very happy to continue learning during their summer holiday.


Junior Summer Camp