Vittoria Junior Projects

Vittoria Junior offers a number of macro-projects that mark the stages of our students’ growth and lend special meaning to each stop along the path of their educational journey.

We accomplish this through various activities that are specific to each school level and targeted to foster a sense of community and family, which is one of the founding values of our school community.



tema dell'anno

Nursery School: the theme of the year

Each year our Nursery School chooses a macro-theme, and we then carry out various engaging activities revolving around this specific topic. This focus allows us to give meaning to the year’s educational plan as well as greater consistency with all the topics we cover.
Workshops and classroom topics are also linked to numerous
educational trips. Cultural trips may include museum visits and participation in festivals and performances while recreational activities could be trips to adventure parks and nature excursions.

Nursery School: the newsletter for parents

Teachers regularly document all activities, both inside and outside the classroom, and share a newsletter with families on a monthly basis so that parents are continually kept up to date on their children's progress and involved in their children’s learning.


Primary School: the school diary

Our school diary is an important tool for communication between the school and families, and it helps each pupil to become more independent as they learn to study and improve their organisational skills. It contains the most significant work completed in their classes and the topics addressed during the school year. For this reason the diary can be considered a “log” of the school activities and projects carried out.

Primary and Lower Secondary Schools: the Global Perspectives syllabus

We are delighted to offer the Global Perspectives syllabus from Cambridge International Education to Primary and Lower Secondary schools. Each month our young people attend activities and workshops on various topics related to citizenship and current affairs. They engage with extremely relevant topics designed to stimulate open and active discussion.
Your children will develop their capacity for critical thinking as they gain awareness of the cognitive and communicative tools at their disposal. Introducing these major social issues into everyday life also strengthens pupils' identity and stimulates their curiosity.

primaria global

Lower Secondary School: the school magazine

One of the most popular projects at our Middle School is the school magazine.
The title of the publication has always been dear to the children –
L’Intervallo (The Break). The editorial team, made up of a group of students coordinated by a literature teacher, reports quarterly on the school's events, activities and fun facts.

Lower Secondary School: "Understanding Culture through History" workshops

You know the Harry Potter House Cup? Well, at Vittoria we couldn't help but have a similar project!

The Vittoria Cup is a competition among students, divided into four Houses to involve them in school life, but more importantly to empower them in this delicate stage of growth.

Students in each house work together to score points for positive behaviors, projects and activities, supporting each other and competing against other Houses to earn rewards.

Each student is assigned to a house and stays there until the end of grade I sec. school. Students in the houses will have mixed school levels, which means that Year 1, Year 2 and Year 3 students will be mixed.

At the end of each school year one house will be crowned as the winner for that year and the points will be reset!

Vittoria House Cup