Vittoria High Schools Services

To complete our educational offer, Vittoria High Schools provide a series of services that complement our students' school life.

Assistenza, sicurezza, vigilanza

Support, Safety, Supervision

We monitor our students closely in both educational and recreational activities in order to ensure safety.

The school has an infirmary equipped with a defibrillator. Among the staff on duty, there is always at least one first-aid officer who is fully trained in accordance with the law and is present at all times.

To ensure the psicological well being of our students, the school offers a counselling service, both in Italian and English.

Study Support

For students in their first years of high school, Vittoria offers afternoon study groups on days with no afternoon class sessions. Here, teachers and/or qualified tutors help students to prepare their individual work and complete their homework.

The afternoon is also a time when teachers offer support classes in curricular subjects to assist students in catch-up or revision activities.

Studio assistito
Attività Extra Scolastiche

Extracurricular Activities

On afternoons with no class sessions, we offer our High School students several extracurricular activities that are organised in the form of clubs.
New activities are available each year, covering a range of diverse interests, including drama, reading and creative writing, journalism, debates and a science club.

Students are free to choose the activities that appeal to them. We are certain that these opportunities will deepen their cultural roots and expand their personal interests. They also give students of different ages the chance to socialise with one another while the older students are able to guide and support the younger ones.

Italian L2 for foreigners

At Vittoria Schools Torino, we want foreign students and their families to feel welcomed.

We understand that learning the language makes integration into a new environment much easier, so we offer qualified Italian language support for our newcomers.


Italiano L2 per stranieri
La scelta dell'università

College Counselling

Students start attending College Counselling activities from grade 11. Vittoria High Schools offers each year several meetings and conferences with university representatives and professionals to help students in their future choices. Our students can also access online platforms where they can find useful advice and meet former students and graduates to share their experiences.

Our College Counselling programme helps specifically our IBDP students who choose a University abroad in the different steps of the applications.