Vittoria Junior Middle School

Our state-recognized bilingual Middle School follows the Cambridge Lower Secondary curriculum and is located in the heart of Turin.

Vittoria Junior Torino continues the bilingual curriculum in Middle School.
Here, we fully prepare your children so they can attend either an Italian or a prestigious international high school with confidence and all the required array of appropriate skills.

The programme

Our Middle School programme is designed to blend the best of two educational systems: the Italian Ministry of Education (MIUR) programme and the Cambridge Lower Secondary curriculum.
It offers an educational pathway that blends and enhances the unique aspects of two languages and cultures.
The innovative choice behind our educational plan involves combining languages and subjects in a balanced and interconnected way. The programme is divided into the following areas:

  • Italian language and Humanities (History, Geography, Arts and Citizenship) which are taught in Italian, following the Italian Ministry of Education (MIUR) programmes;

  • English and STEM subjects (Science, Maths, Technology) which are taught in English, following the Cambridge Lower SecondaryInternational Education programmes.

Each subject is designed to encourage active and creative learning through experimental and innovative teaching techniques and by using a balanced mix of traditional tools and textbooks. 


What is Cambridge Lower Secondary?

Cambridge Lower Secondary is the University of Cambridge’s international school curriculum for students aged 11 to 14 and is taught in English.
It complements the Italian Ministry of Education (MIUR) programme and bolsters students’ skills in English and content knowledge in science subjects.
The programme prepares children to attend either an Italian or a prestigious international high school with confidence and all the required array of appropriate skills.

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The final qualification

Being a nationally accredited school, at Vittoria Junior Middle School children can earn both the Italian Diploma (Terza Media Diploma) and the Cambridge Lower Secondary certification.

Following steps

To ease the transition to the subsequent stage of schooling, we provide several options to guide our pupils towards the most appropriate educational pathway to follow in high school.
Vittoria Schools Torino offers continuous educational pathways to the Vittoria Italian Curriculum High School or the Vittoria Upper Secondary International School.

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Extracurricular activities

An after-school assisted study service is available for Middle School students on the two afternoons when there are no classes.

School Schedule

FULL TIME - 36 hours per week
36 periods + 3 afternoon sessions.

The school is open from Monday to Friday; upon request, families can leave their children at school from 7:30 an.
In the two free afternoons, on Mondays and Fridays, the school offers tutoring activities held by subject teachers.

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Why choose our Middle School

Italian language and cultural identity

We implement the MIUR curriculum in a thorough and comprehensive way, inviting students to develop a solid awareness of Italy’s heritage and incredibly rich cultural and artistic legacy.

English language and internationalism

With the Cambridge Lower Secondary curriculum, students actively absorb English language. While studying other subjects (maths, science and computer science) in English, they learn to use this foreign language in specific contexts and apply it to real-life situations. As a result, they learn communicative structures naturally and spontaneously.

The flexibility of the Cambridge curriculum

encourages an inclusive approach that welcomes both students from traditional Italian primary schools (English as a Second Language) and students from international and/or bilingual schools (English L1).

STEM subjects in English

This means we use English, the international language of research, to teach science subjects while implementing the University of Cambridge Syllabus.

Language Certifications

In addition to the Cambridge Lower Secondary international diploma, it is possible to complete additional language certifications for English (PET and/or First Certificate), Spanish (DELE A2 or B1) and French (DELF A2 or B1).

Immediate contact with information technology

We enable students to achieve computer literacy while stressing the importance of developing a healthy and informed relationship with technology.

We are not an “iPad School”

We firmly believe that technology should support traditional activities without replacing them. Hands-on activities and traditional textbooks still remain a cornerstone of education for us. They are the main tools of classroom study and activities and are only supplemented by various multimedia to act as appropriate supports.

The Global Perspectives Programme

We educate our students to become responsible citizens. The Cambridge curriculum offers a syllabus that is taught in English and develops students’ skills in research, analysis and collaboration. This programme offers students a considerable advantage as it encourages both critical and independent thinking.

A team of qualified teachers

The teaching staff is composed of qualified Italian teachers, supported by native or bilingual teachers who hold a university degree and are accredited and certified by Cambridge International Education through a specific training program. The faculty is also made up of tutors and assistants, who are young aspiring teachers-in-training. They assist in teaching activities and collaborate in classrooms to carry out remedial/support activities and contribute to advancing the achievements of our children.

Active dialogue with parents

We strive to involve parents in various projects and activities. We also create opportunities for parents and teachers to meet, in the belief that the school’s educational plan should always be participatory and shared within the family.