Class 1ICE on a Visit to the Stumbling Stones

An Educational Journey into the Heart of Memory in Turin

On a cool January morning, students from Class 1ICE, accompanied by Professor Mamini, embarked on a journey of reflection and remembrance through the streets of Turin. The occasion was Memorial Day, the day dedicated to remembering the victims of the Holocaust. The focus of the educational outing was the "Stones of Inciampo," an art and memorial project that aims to preserve the memory of the victims of Nazism.

Le Pietre d'Inciampo

Stumbling Stones are small brass slabs set into the pavement, each engraved with the name of a Holocaust victim. These slabs, scattered throughout the city of Turin, serve as silent reminders of the lives broken by the Nazi regime. For the 1ICE students, these stones were not just symbols, but represented true stories of individuals who once walked the same streets they did.

Professor Mamini, an expert in contemporary history, led the students on an emotional and informative journey. She told the story behind each stone, sharing the biographies of the victims and the circumstances of their deportation and death. These stories made the tragedy of the Holocaust tangible for the students, connecting historical facts to the actual lives of people.

The educational outing was also an opportunity to reflect on the issues of intolerance, racism and the importance of historical memory. Students actively participated, asking questions and sharing their thoughts and reflections. The importance of remembering past events to build a more aware and tolerant society was emphasized.

Through this visit, the 1ICE class not only deepened their historical knowledge, but also learned an important lesson about the value of humanity and the power of memory. A lesson that, no doubt, will stay with them for the rest of their lives.