Global Perspectives - 2A/2B - Helping Animals in Danger.

Project Goal: Awareness and Conservation.

In the context of environmental awareness and biodiversity protection, students in elementary grades 2A/2B are undertaking an exciting and meaningful project: helping endangered animals. Through this project, children learn not only about the vulnerability of endangered animals, but also about the crucial importance of taking action to protect them.

Research and Identification of Species at Risk

During the initial phase of the project, students conducted extensive research to identify the animals most in need of our help. They collected crucial data and created a map highlighting critical areas where animals are particularly endangered. They also looked at different solutions to help protect these vulnerable species.

Orca Adoption and Contribution to Conservation.

Among various options, students expressed a strong interest in adopting the orca as a symbol of their struggle for conservation. To support this cause, an annual donation was proposed to adopt an orca and contribute to conservation programs. The principal approved the project, which will involve both classes through fifth grade.

Students will be encouraged to actively participate in the project by raising funds through small jobs, such as helping with household chores. 

The presentation on SDGs 2030 by Daniela Martino

Daniela Martino is an industrial executive working for a global company as an energy procurement engineer, as well as a mother of one of our young learners. She has deep experience in energy management and sustainability and is deeply involved in promoting SDGs 2030. Her passion led her to become the creator/writer of the "Family for Planet" blog, which offers educational content on sustainable living, and to translate UNITED COMICS, for which she received an award.

Daniela's presentation engaged the children in understanding and identifying the key aspects of each SDG. The children were involved in different activities and expressed the importance of each goal, what it means, and why they are extremely important for the well-being of their community and the planet. Finally, we sang a song about climate change. This presentation gave the children experiences and activities that will promote positive attitudes of care, respect and responsibility so that they become part of their daily lives.

To quote, "We think that among the countless agents that have participated in creation, man has had and has a very important task. Moreover, the creation is not yet finished and the only agent that has not yet been taken into consideration is the child.... The whole world must become one nation." - Montessori, lecture in India, 1944