Journal 2.0

journal launch article
Marwan Ahmed Hamza, Giulio Cappa-Bava

Hello friends, we are a group of Victory Junior students between the first and second middle. 

We decided to collaborate together on this project to inform you about everything that happens within the walls of our school and beyond. 

The newsletter will be made up of articles like this one that you can read on our blog, but also videos, photographs, interviews, newsletters, and social content (Tiktok). 

Follow us on all channels so you don't miss the most interesting news. 



Here is the editorial staff of the newsletter:

Giulio Cappa-Bava is a 12-year-old boy,smart and nice(modestly) and writes articles this including together with his colleague Marwan.

Federico Mairone is 12 years old and is smart, always confident and will help create and update you of what is happening in the Vittoria Junior on the Tik Tok profile with Matteo and Vittoria. 

Vittoria Occhipinti is a 12-year-old girl who is smart and very funny. She collaborates with Matteo and Federico on social(tiktok). 

Matteo Bertinetto is 12 years old,he is very sporty and always happy.

Sofia La Cara is a 12-year-old girl, she is smart and very funny. She collaborates with Elisa to make Videos. 

Elisa Rossatto is a girl between 10 and 11 years old; she is very confident. 

Marwan Ahmed Hamza is a 12-year-old boy, confident and loves Science. He collaborates with Julius to help him write the articles.


The newsroom meets every Thursday afternoon at Vittoria Junior takes place from 4:30 p.m. until 6:00 p.m. The blog takes place in the 1^B Middle School classroom. We break up into groups and each of the groups talks about a topic. We will do articles about Field Trips, Events and more!


Special Editions ( Halloween, Christmas, Easter etc.) 
Unusual Events: The 2,3 middle school field trip to Cap D'Ail in France and Malaga in Spain. 
Collaboration with older high school kids who will help us write articles and do the other content.
Where and how you will be able to see the interviews on social(tiktok/instagram): we opened a new TikTok profile of Vittoria Junior school run by us kids. 
Educational outings:
We will tell you what will happen on subsequent field trips, such as which museum we will go to see, the foreign food we will eat, and the other cultures we will discover.


Rubrics of the Heart: If you have a buddy you like and are too shy to say, write an anonymous message and we will help you.

Advice from previous students who attended The Victory Junior on how to pass tests, how to pass The Eighth Grade Final Exam, etc. 
Student surveys: Favorite sport, favorite food etc.
We will interview Vittoria Junior teachers: we will interview Vittoria Junior teachers from preschool through middle school.