March activities at the Nursery

Once again this month, the days at the Infant School were spent full of educational and fun activities. Here are some of the most significant ones. 

Frutta e verdura al Vittoria Junior

Fruits and Veggies

This month one of our themes is healthy food and unhealthy food; during the lessons the children learned to distinguish healthy from unhealthy foods and enjoyed tasting fruits and vegetables, from the most common ones, such as banana and apple, to the more unusual ones, such as radish and celery. We learn by playing and experimenting!

Egg Hunt

We spent a cheerful morning at the Royal Gardini for an Easter Egg Hunt. 

Happy Easter

Best wishes to all women

For Women's Day, we created paper flowers and discussed this day, emphasizing the importance of the struggle for women's rights.

Lecture on the Heart

Dr. Chiara Comoglio, one of the first female heart surgeons in Italy and grandmother of one of our preschool students, came to the school to give a lecture on the heart: she explained what it looks like, how it works and what it is used for.

Lezione sul Cuore

The doctor showed the children videos that she made for us in her hospital, in which she shows how she prepares for an 'operation, what an operating room looks like, and how she works with her team. The children were super enthusiastic and participated with interest asking many questions, Finally, together with the doctor we colored the heart drawing.