Margherita and Ibex

Margherita Gallo will be leaving for IB to persue her dream of studying in Spain.

Anya Savio, Lucrezia Grosso and Francesca Mosconi

Who's Margherita?

Margherita Gallo is a classmate of ours and currently attends second ICE at Vittoria International High School.

She has made the decision to move to another country to attend IB, consequently, this will be her last year here with

us. The city she has chosen is Madrid, Spain. She has a great passion for horse riding, and in her adventure she will take

her horse with her.



Why Madrid?

We began the interview by asking her why she had chosen Madrid as the city in which to go to and study for the next two years

of high school. She explained that she really likes Spain as a country and that Madrid is her favorite place in the world. She had

already visited the city a couple of times, and after her travels, she realized that it was the place where she wanted to begin her 



The College

We then asked her what school she would attend, since there are many in Madrid. The

school that Margarita chose is called Kings College. It is a British school with a British curriculum,

and it has been ranked in the top 5 of the best 100 schools in Spain. The college has

also announced that it has more than 50 years of experience in providing a British schooling of world-

classworld-class education.

One of the main reasons she chose this school is because it gave her the opportunity to continue

practicing horse riding, allowing her to take Ibex with her. She is extremely happy with this opportunity

and looks forward to continue her passion together with him.


What did she do to get in?

We later asked Margherita if in order to be admitted to Kings College she had to take an exam or some

other kind of assessment to show her knowledge. She told us that the school made her set several tests: a logic one, a

mathematics one and an English one. Finally, once the results came in, Margherita had an interview where she talked about

herself, her passion and her future plans.



Next year she will be attending a course similar to ours: with three high-level subjects, in her case: history, Spanish and 

business, and three standard-level subjects: English, biology and math.


Did the two years of ICE at Vittoria help her?

We then asked her if she thought that the two years of ICE (IGCSE program) had

prepared her sufficiently to face the big change. She then answered by saying that

the IGCSE program helped her through the long admission process, including the exam

she had toparticipate in, but she feels that what she has studied so far will not help her

in the subjects she will be facing next year. For example, as she previously said, she

will be starting business; a subject which she has never studied before and that is not

currently part of the first and second years of the ICE curriculum.



To conclude the interview we asked her if she will miss us after she leaves. With immense sadness, she stated that yes, she will

miss us a lot; some more than others, but deep down she knows that we have all been part of her life for many years, and we

have grown to become a wonderful family. Besides that, Margherita will come to visit us from time to time, not only to tell us all

about King's College, but especially about what it's like to live your childhood dream!