Where to eat lunch near school?

In this article we will discuss places to go to eat near school during lunch break.
Diego Bertello, Giorgio Clerico, Giovanni Bertero




Pizza Speedy is a pizzeria one minute from the entrance of the Victory location. A pizzeria with competitive prices and very friendly staff. In this pizzeria you have the opportunity to enjoy round pizza, by the slice and many other delicacies. It has great value for money and is very convenient, I really liked it because of its speed in making pizzas.


McDonald di via Sant'Ottavio

A fast food restaurant that needs no introduction. A place that is not too healthy however it is sure to feed. It has a wide range of sandwiches and other delicacies like their famous Chicken nuggets. the price of a sandwich is really affordable, varying from one euro up to eight euros. The nuggets in my opinion are a bit expensive at full price, but their strength is that they come out with new offers every day that are very affordable. Every now and then McDonald's is a nice place to eat with friends without spending too much time.

Poormanger is the perfect compromise between savings and speed, perfect for lunches on the comeback. A creative and innovative restaurant that takes typical dishes and reimagines them, but inside a potato. For example, the bestselling potato carbonara is one of the dishes that by all accounts is the best on the menu. It consists of the usual recipe for carbonara; pecorino cheese, eggs, guanciale, only instead of pasta there is a boiled potato. The price of potatoes varies from 8 euros to 10. if I have to say, it is a great place to sit down, and eat a hot dish without having to stress about the timing.