Vittoria Cup 2024

With great excitement, Vittoria Junior School announces the launch of a new initiative that promises to revolutionize its students' school experience: the Vittoria House Cup. This competition, which is hoped to become an annual event, is designed to actively engage students in school life and empower them during a crucial stage of their growth.

Il Concept della competizione

The Victory House Cup is based on a system of "Houses," or teams, into which students are divided. Each House, represented by a constellation or animal and a specific color (URSA in red, CORVUS in yellow, LYNX in green, EAGLE in blue), competes to accumulate points through positive behaviors, projects and activities. Students will remain in the same House for the duration of high school, encouraging a sense of belonging and solidarity among members of different ages.

Role of Teachers and House Captains.

Teachers will actively participate in the project, serving as mentors for the different Houses. They will not necessarily be the classroom teachers, but will support the students on their journey. It will also be up to the students to elect a Captain for their House, who will be responsible for leading and motivating the team.

Cerimonia Iniziale e assegnamento delle case

The House Cup Launching Ceremony took place on January 11, 2024, will officially kick off the project. During the year, points will be awarded mainly by teachers and reported to the "Points Master" based on merit. Categories for earning or losing points include: cafeteria behavior, class work, acts of merit, uniforms, recycling, spirit week, special projects and school competitions. Points will be announced weekly and monthly progress will be displayed in a leaderboard.

Conclusione dell'anno e prospettive future

The school year will end with a Closing Ceremony on May 30, 2024, during which the winning House will be announced and awards presented. With this project, Vittoria Junior School aims to create a stimulating and engaging environment where students can grow and develop not only academically, but also in terms of values, team spirit and personal responsibility.

In conclusion, the Vittoria House Cup represents an innovative step in education, aiming to instill in young students a sense of belonging and commitment to their school community. With this initiative, Vittoria Junior School stands as an example of how educational institutions can go beyond the traditional teaching approach to promote holistic and inclusive education.