The alternative week at Victoria High School

Studenti Liceo Vittoria

The first week of February at Victoria High School was spent in a decidedly...alternative way, as we told you in this article. 

We students were involved in numerous activities on topics ranging from artificial intelligence to science labs, including numerous excursions around town. 



What is artificial intelligence? 

How will our lives evolve with it? 

We tried to answer these curiosities with a viewing of a film that came out 10 years ago but seemed incredibly relevant and not so far removed from a near future reality. "Her" is a film by Spike Jonze released in theaters in 2013 that tells the story of a man in love with an intelligent operating system and has fueled debate among students about the challenges and opportunities that technology offers us.

The viewing of the film open to classes two through four took place in the original language in the Central Cinema hall. 


In order not to forget and to celebrate Memorial Day, our secondaries visited the Museum "Le Nuove". 

An experience immersed in the history of a Museum unknown to many, run by members of the Association "No Man is an Island ONLUS" and which comes to life inside the various structures of the former prison. 

A journey of discovery of the cells where ordinary men,women and children lived, in which stories of the late 19th century, World War I, anti-fascist struggles, racial persecution and the Resistance in particular in the infamous German First Wing are evoked.  

The visit was marked by the touching testimony of a lady who experienced those places as a child and ended with a moment of collective reflection in the dungeon where the cells of those sentenced to death were located. 


The world of work is changing and our institute is innovating outbound guidance systems. 

With the intention of proposing more innovative and functional services for the growth and achievement of students, we have thought of supporting in the present school year a project that will continue from grade 3 to grade 5, with the intention of providing an educational orientation that will help make students more aware of the professional areas toward which they feel they are most inclined. 

This is an educational pathway that is almost unique in Italy, presenting highly innovative features, in approach and content. After all, it is clear that the rapidity of changes in the world of work requires not only companies, but also schools to prepare young people to think about their professional future as early as today, as well as helping to train what are the transversal skills that will make them skilled in life and work. 

This is why we agreed with the proposal of OSM Edu, which has made available to our School, a complete "format" ranging from the completion of an Orientation Questionnaire, to the analysis phase of the reports, to the subsequent return of the results in plenary. 


Class 3B began the project "TELL ME YOURS: City Schools for Turin's Climate City Contract" on Thursday, February 8 at ENVIRORMENT PARK. Students participated in thematic tables on green infrastructure, mobility, built environment and renewable energy communities, waste collection and circular economy. 

An exclusive track organized by Europe Direct and designed to raise awareness about the challenges and commitments that the City of Turin will face in achieving Climate Neutrality to 2030 and to contribute to the dialogue between young people and the city administration in building strategies and investments for the Construction of the Climate City Contract (CCC) 

In fact, Turin is among the 100 cities selected by the European Commission to support them in their transformation towards climate neutrality and digitalization by promoting research and innovation actions on clean mobility, energy efficiency and urban planning. The selected cities act as centers of experimentation and innovation to enable all European cities to become climate-neutral as quickly as possible. 


Thanks to the collaboration with the VSP Association, our 3rd, 4th and 5th grade students began meetings of the various projects included within the orientation teaching initiatives 


Guides students in discovering and grasping the opportunities offered by the European Union through a better understanding of both Europe and the value of "European citizenship," between identity and participation, a learning path based on teamwork and active teaching for the development of key transversal skills. 



A training course in active education based on participants' teamwork, allowing them to experience TEAM WORK (roles and dynamics of teamwork), FACTS CHECKING (how to recognize fake news and how to choose authoritative information sources) and SOCIAL PROJECT DESIGN (setting up and developing a small social project).  


The project aims to help young people who are about to enter the world of work, addressing topics such as corporate culture, current changes, relationships with bosses and colleagues, teamwork, safety, and concluding with a simulated job interview, which allows the young people to face real selection meetings with greater serenity, having experienced attitudes and behaviors to be held.  


Like every year, the adventure of the 2nd class of the four-year pathway has begun in the B Corp School project, a PCTO pathway that connects B Corp certified companies with schools to discover new talent and spread benefit values among young people.

With B Corp School, students are guided in the creation of a real B Startup modeled after B Corp companies that offer to mentor them by inspiring them with their know-how and testimony.  At the end of the course, all startups, together with the B Corp companies that guided them, participate in the Changemaker Competition, an opportunity for great national visibility and networking of young talent and companies. 

Will our students succeed in creating a winning startup that is environmentally, economically and socially sustainable? The challenge is open!