Valentine's Day Ball at Victoria Middle School

The Valentine's Day dance at Victory Junior School was certainly an evening to remember 🎉✨

Our students donned their best outfits, some feeling the breeze of a gala evening for the first time.

From heartwarming dances to karaoke performances, we celebrated love and friendship in style 💕

The dance floor was full of energy as we moved to the beat of the music, sang our hearts out at karaoke, and competed in friendly competition with exciting games organized by the four houses of the Victory House Cup: Corvus, Ursas, Lynx, and Aquila.

And let's not forget the delicious banquet that fueled our enthusiasm throughout the night 🍔

A big round of applause to everyone who made this night unforgettable: the organizers, DJ Mattia Strafile, and, of course, all the wonderful participants who brought their talents to the dance floor!

Thank you for spreading the love and making this Valentine's Day dance a night to remember.