Scholarships to deserving junior students

Vittoria Junior recently awarded scholarships to two students who have achieved brilliant educational results. 

The scholarships were unanimously awarded by the faculty during ii December Class Councils and provide access to the first year of the two-year ICE/IGCSE program for Laura Navest, and to the first year of middle school for Tommaso Foscarin, for 2024/25 with tuition reduction of 50 percent of the total amount.  

Here are interviews with our brilliant fellows, incominiciando with Laura.


Hi Laura, how do you feel about receiving this scholarship?

I am very honored to have received this recognition also for my commitment to study, which in this way has paid off.

Did you expect to receive this recognition? 

No, I was very surprised and it was a moment full of emotion when I found out, since my family, the principal and Professor Murray were present.  

How did you achieve this excellence in English?  

When I came to this school in fifth grade, I spoke practically no English because I came from a public school where it was not addressed well. In the summer of that year, I had to work hard. With the help of my family and the amazing teachers I had since elementary school, I was able to catch up and get to this level in about six months. 

What is your secret?

I have no secrets, but participating in class is very important to me. Asking a lot of questions and adding my points of view helps to reflect and can also help classmates. 

How do you feel about your future in middle school? 

I am very happy. I don't know what to expect, but I am happy to continue with this school because I have always liked it since I came here. The most important thing for me is that it gives me confidence to continue with the same program because I know it is a continuous line and I will continue to grow in the same way. Thank you. 

We now interview Tommaso Foscarin, who was awarded the sixth grade scholarship.  

Hi Thomas, how do you feel to have received this scholarship? 

I feel very happy. I was very sad about not being able to go to middle school here and leave everything to go to another school. 

Did you expect this recognition? 

Definitely not. I didn't even know I could get it. 

How did you excel in English? 

From the first day of school, I saw that most of my classmates came from schools that were already English, and in first grade I felt like I didn't know this language well. So I worked hard to reach their level. 

What is your secret?

My secret is to put in a lot of effort, especially in classes and study a lot at home as well. Always strive to give your best. 

How do you feel about your future in middle school? 

I don't know the difficulty of middle school yet, I don't know if I can be as good as I want to be, but I will work hard enough to try to get there. 

Do you have any plans for the future? 

Yes, I would like to become an aerospace engineer.