Stabat Mater at the Regio theatre

On Thursday, March 7, the first and second classes of Vittoria High School went to the prestigious Teatro" Regio" in Turin.  

The students watched in the Piccolo Regio Puccini Theater the performance of the Stabat Mater set to music by Pergolesi and later visited the Regio Theater and its facilities. 


The work, in Latin, was written in 1735 by John Baptist and is composed in the form of a prayer in honor of Our Lady. It was first performed in 1736. 

But why is it so important? At the time, it was a very famous opera, and other composers feared that their operas were not good enough compared to it. 

The performance lasted about 40 minutes, and in addition to the 'orchestra and conductor there were 2 opera singers and the "Children's Chorus." 

After the performance, the students visited the theater accompanied by a guide who began by telling the history of the Regio. It is the main opera house in the city of Turin, as well as one of the most important in Italy.

Inaugurated in 1740, it was then totally destroyed by fire in February 1936; rebuilt after the war, it was opened again in 1973. The guide also listed a number dicuriosities that caught the attention of us students, such as the specifics of the materials that were used to rebuild it. Finally, in addition to the area we are all used to seeing, we also visited rooms hidden from the public such as the rehearsal room and the tailor's shop.