Interviewing prof. Bosco

Giulio Peluffo

We recently interviewed Professor Alexander Bosco, an exuberant Philosophy teacher at our school. Born to a Lebanese father and an Italian mother, he spent several years traveling the world, finally landing in Turin where he was finally able to realize his passion for philosophy. He is married to his high school sweetheart whom he met at the tender age of 15 and is the founder of the philosophy school Anthropos

What subjects do you teach?

I teach Philosophy in IB, Civilization, Culture and Current Affairs in ICE, and Global Perspective in middle school.

So, Philosophy in three different contexts?

Yes, three different types of philosophy. Philosophy multiplied by 3 :D

How long have you been a teacher?

I've been teaching in different ways since 2011, so 13, 14 years. So, enough time in different roles. Initially I was a private teacher, then in the military, and some training, and then in schools.

Where are you from?

I was born in the United Kingdom. My mother is Italian and my father is Lebanese.

What brought you to Italy?

Several reasons. The main one is that my wife was in Italy. So, that was the main reason. Also, I liked Turin. I went to high school in Italy, so I wanted a nice medium-sized city.

Do you have a family?

Yes, I have a wife. We don't have children yet. We've been together since second high school, so it's been a long journey, very intense and beautiful.

What motivated you to become a teacher?

I have always been interested in developing knowledge and sharing it with others. But the main thing is philosophy. With philosophy, you're always trying to build new ideas, find different approaches and get closer to the truth together. It's a very collaborative thing, and as a teacher it's a privileged position to have that kind of interaction and connection with students.

Did you work elsewhere before coming to Vittoria?

Yes, before here I worked in a high school and an English elementary school. Even then, it turned into a kind of philosophy class because of my interest. I also worked in a couple of secondary schools in the UK. Now I work with both middle school students and high school students here at Vittoria.

We know you founded a school of philosophy. Can you tell us about it?

Antrophos was founded in 2021 out of a desire to create a space where philosophy could be taught and practiced in a way that bridges the gap between academic philosophy and practice, We offer short and long courses (4-12 weeks) on different topics, including Ethics, Philosophy as a Way of Life, Critical Thinking, as well as customized courses.
Each course has a maximum of six people and a minimum of three, so classes are always intimate and great interactivity is expected.

We offer philosophical counseling (using philosophy as a therapeutic tool) and counseling services (both cultural and philosophical). All services are provided primarily in English.