Last Morning: the newspaper's detective story

Episode 1
Sofia Lacara, Vittoria Occhipinti


It was a morning like many others and Mr. Medello was going to work.

At a certain point he heard a strange sound, but continued walking.

The sound got louder and a person dressed in black approached behind him...

This was his last morning.

                                                                  November 1984 


In a small town in Boston lived a rich merchant named Ferdinando Medello, not much loved by everyone due to his very arrogant attitude.

He had a wife and two adult children and other relatives scattered around the city.

At work he was a very respected man and yet  very strict with his employees.

By now you already know he's dead. But how? And who committed the murder?


A few hours after the death, Inspector Gianpier Lomert was already investigating the crime scene.

Poor Mr. Medello's corpse was the result of a heartless person, thirsty for revenge.

The inspector, carefully walking around the dead man, noticed the presence of a cut on the left side of the throat; now it was the forensic task to better understand how long he had been there and with what weapon he had been killed.

To find out more, Inspector Lomert began looking for possible suspects and then proceeded with the interrogations.

He immediately began to ask questions to the man who had found him, that is, Mr. Medello's nephew, Giulio, a fairly tall man, with glasses and brown hair, who was supposed to go there to visit his uncle.

Giulio told the inspector that he had seen a figure dressed in black walking away from the house, but nothing more.

The inspector decided to begin questioning the deceased's relatives, starting with his wife, a very beautiful woman with brown hair and a look of sorrow and sadness, Mrs. Alessia Huber, who said:

– I didn't kill my husband, why would I have done it?! And now leave me alone to cry! -.

But the inspector was sure, seeing his expression and tone of voice, that he was hiding something.

Immediately afterwards his two sons were interrogated, Andrea the eldest, tall with brown hair and Federico the youngest, blond with saddened eyes about what had happened.

Andrea said that he had gone to play basketball from 10.30 to 11.15 with his friends and, due to a problem with the basket, he had returned home.

Their gardener could have testified to this.

Federico said that he went to the library from 10.15am to 10.40am and then had an ice cream in the “Mille Fiori” ice cream shop, from 11.00am to 12.10pm.

The inspector went first to Matteo's friends who confirmed what had happened and the gardener had also seen him at home.

The same for Federico, both the librarian and the ice cream seller confirmed the event.

At this point only his, not so dear, employees remained.

The inspector questioned his deputy Alessandro, the only one with a reason to kill him compared to the other workers, telling him where he had been this morning, he said that he had always been at work and that he was not interested in becoming boss, he would have taken that title anyway in a few months. 

It seemed a little suspicious to Inspector Lomert, no one had yet told him that Mr Medello was dead or in any case they hadn't even mentioned it.

All in all Lomert was very confused, who could ever kill Mr. Medello if everyone had an alibi?

Someone was lying...