Path after IB: Vittoria Nardini

Anya Savio, Lucrezia Grosso

In this interview, 2IB student Vittoria Nardini will tell us about her upcoming university journey, following the four years of International High School (2 years of ICE and 2 years of IB), will give advice to new students who have recently embarked on the ICE program, and will provide insight into her personal experience of the journey.

Which university path will you take?

I would like to undertake a university course in International Business at a renowned Dutch university, 'Maastricht University'. It will be a great opportunity to deepen my knowledge in the field and immerse myself in an international environment.


Will you stay in Italy or study abroad? If abroad, where?

I would opt to study abroad. In particular, the Netherlands is known for its academic excellence and its openness to international students.

Will you miss your classmates? Do you have a good relationship? Do you think you will be able to keep in touch?

I will certainly miss my classmates. We established a good relationship during our four years at Vittoria, and I am sure we will maintain contact and visit each other whenever possible.

Did you have a good time during these years at Vittoria?

During my years at Vittoria, I had a great time. I enjoyed the academic environment and the opportunities offered for personal and professional growth.

What would you recommend to those who have just started the journey?

For those who have recently started, I would advise taking advantage of every learning opportunity, building strong relationships with classmates and actively participating in extracurricular projects and events. Furthermore, it is crucial to maintain a balance between study and social life.

Are you glad you finished high school?

Yes, I am happy to have completed high school. It was an important education, but I am excited to embark on the next stage of my university studies.

Will you know someone at the university you are going to or will you be alone?

There might be a chance to meet someone and go with a current high school friend, but I am definitely open to making new friends and immersing myself in the international experience should I go alone.