Alternative activities and STEM week ends at high school

From Feb. 5 to 9, Vittoria High School inaugurated an unconventional school week dedicated both to curricular remediation and deepening and to the development of transversal and soft skills. This period, designed to enrich the educational offerings and respond innovatively to the needs of students, saw an alternation of educational activities, workshop projects and training meetings, all aimed at promoting students' autonomy, self-awareness and organizational skills.

A multidisciplinary approach

Many experimental workshops, educational outings and expert talks on topics requested by students, with a special focus on environmental sustainability and the development of social skills:

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • STEM projects (Nature and Mathematical Models, The Arboretum of the Botanical Garden of Turin)
  • City exploration
  • PCTO Projects
  • Projects for Orientation to discover one's talents, 
  • Sexuality and affectivity education projects.

Health Education, Sexuality and Affectivity

Significant attention was paid to the well-being of students through a course on Health Education, Sexuality and Affectivity, run by Prof. Bertolini with the support of developmental psychologists. This initiative provided an important opportunity for reflection and learning on issues fundamental to the personal and social development of adolescents.

Some of the activities we organized:

  • EU for You with 3acd 🇪🇺
  • We went to see HER at the Central cinema, discussing Artificial Intelligence 
  • Visit to the Botanical Garden of Turin 🌸
  • Workshop on extracting dyes from plants 🧪🌿
  • Visit to the Panacea social bakery 🍞
  • Guided tours to discover the city 🏙️
  • Visit to the former prison museum le Nuove 🚓🏛️
  • Visit to Environment Park for the Tell Me Yours project, organized by Europe Direct, to discuss circular economy, sustainable mobility and renewable energy.

Orientation: let's meet our future 

The "Discover Your Talent, Live Your Dream" project represented an innovative orientation moment, with the aim of helping students discover their professional inclinations through an orientation questionnaire and meetings with human resources professionals. This initiative, which is almost unique in the Italian educational landscape, underscores Liceo Vittoria's commitment to preparing students for the challenges of the working future by promoting deep reflection on their own aspirations and talents.


The school expresses gratitude to student representatives, teachers and experts who made the realization of this diverse program possible. Special thanks also go to parents, who are invited to actively participate in this educational journey and support their children in discovering and enhancing their talents.